Mansfield Motel FAQs

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Do we have to bring our own linen?
No, Mansfield Motel is a four-star property and we supply everything you need.

How far are you from Melbourne?
Depending on your suburb, we are approximately 2 – 2.5 hours away from most northern suburbs.

How far is it to Mt Buller from the motel?
Approximately 40 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

How much does parking cost?
We supply free undercover parking right out front of your room and it is free during your stay.

I like quiet rooms. Do I need to ask for a back room?
No. Mansfield is a quiet town. We don’t have highway traffic as Mansfield is not on a major route. Traffic is very quiet, even at the front rooms. You will hardly hear any traffic after about 8pm.

Does it snow in Mansfield?
No. Not normally. Snow is very rare in Mansfield. You won’t generally see snow until you get past the Mt Buller gate.

Can we check-In at 10am?
Generally no. As checkout time is 10am, we cannot supply rooms until 2pm. However, we may able to assist you with earlier check-in if you contact us prior to arrival.

What if I am arriving late?
If you are intending to arrive after 8pm, then just call us around 7pm and we can arrange your access.

Is there a bus service to Mt Buller?
Yes. It is located right behind the motel. Ask at reception for all services and times.

If I need to go out during my stay, do I have to return the key?
No. Hold on to your key until you need to check-out at the end of your stay.

Is there anywhere to eat in Mansfield?
Yes, there are lots of restaurants, cafes and hotels to choose from. There are some lovely places to eat, drink and socialise.

Do I need to hire ski gear before I arrive?
No. Mansfield has a large number of ski hire shops and we recommend that you hire in town. Check-out Ski Centre Mansfield.

Can we drink from the tap or do we have to buy water?
Mansfield’s water is perfectly fresh and great to drink straight from the tap.

Can we cook in the room?
No. We discourage cooking in the rooms as it causes odours for adjacent guests. Microwave ovens are supplied along with numerous kitchen items for reheating etc.